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 It is recommended that you use a personal computer or smartphone to participate in this event as our work computers don't all have cameras or microphones. Note that if using a smartphone, it will direct you to download the Meet app and sign in using a Google/Gmail account. If you use a computer, you don't need any additional apps or to be signed in to any accounts.

The event starts at 1400 on Thursday, 18 June.  The room will open at approximately 1340 so it is recommended that you log in early just in case you run into any technical difficulties so they can be worked out prior to 1400. If you need any assistance, contact either Doug Reuter, Hersey Taylor, Pat Looney, Anny Garcia, or Dorian Livingston.


1)  If this is the device you'd like to use for the event, simply click on the green "Enter Event" button below. This will work right in the browser on a computer. If using a smartphone, it will most likely prompt you to download the Google Meet app and sign into any google/gmail account.

2) Alternatively, you can go to and enter code syy-ywgr-tmf. This is effectively the same as clicking the green "Enter Event" button below.

Note it may take a moment for the organizer to accept you into the room.

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